How can thicker skin impact rhinoplasty results?

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There is a common misconception that thicker skin eliminates Portland Rhinoplasty patients from having the procedure done.  This is absolutely not true.  Thicker skin around the nose can be genetic, or sometimes seen in patients who have had previous surgeries that develop scar tissue.  While it is important to note this component when preparing for a rhinoplasty surgery or revision rhinoplasty, it does not by itself make someone an unlikely candidate for successful surgery.  Thicker skin is just one component of one of the most complex plastic surgery procedures to be considered.

Does thicker skin make rhinoplasty more difficult?

Thicker skin does not make the procedure more difficult, but rather makes the surgical approach slightly different.  While thicker skin can make refining the nose slightly more difficult, it can also help to hide some irregularities.  In some cases, patients with thicker skin may also have more cartilage underneath the skin that can add another complexity to a traditional rhinoplasty procedure.  During an initial consultation, Dr. James Chan will assess the current condition of the nose and make note of any additional circumstances that may impact the surgical approach.

Dr. James Chan meets with each patient individually to assess the individual needs of the patient before deciding which approach will yield the best results.  Dr. Chan considers skin type, ethnic background, previous surgeries and your goals and expectations during an initial examination.  Taking all of your individual characteristics into account will increase the likelihood of achieving the most natural-looking unaltered appearance.

If you are interested in learning more about Rhinoplasty in Portland, OR, Schedule a Consultation with Portland Plastic Surgeon, Dr. James Chan today!  During the initial consultation, Dr. Chan will assess your current situation as well as address any concerns or questions you may have surrounding the rhinoplasty surgery.  Once Dr. Chan understands your individual circumstances and your desired results, he will create a customized plan of action to achieve the very best results.

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