Lip Augmentation

Lips augmentation offers a way to give your lips the full and alluring appearance you have always wanted. At Réviance® Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center, we offer surgical and nonsurgical options for lip augmentation in Portland.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Lip Augmentation?

At your initial consultation, Dr. James Chan or Dr. Haena Kim will discuss your health history, current medications, and aesthetic expectations to determine if a lip augmentation is for you. Your surgeon will go over the surgical and nonsurgical options we offer to help determine which option is best for you based on your preferences and other factors.

What Are My Options for Lip Augmentation?

There are many options for the lip augmentation procedure, some of the most popular choices in Oregon are:

Injectable Fillers:

Fillers are becoming a very popular choice for lip augmentation, as well as smoothing out the lines around the lips. Results can last up to a year.

Fat Injection:

With the fat injection procedure, your own fat is injected into your lips. Read more about this option on our Fat Injection page.

Lip Implant:

A permanent, natural-looking, and natural-feeling implant made of solid silicone provides a long-lasting solution. Implants can be easily removed or switched for a different size if desired.

All of these options are performed in-office with minimal to no downtime. To see which option is right for your needs, contact our office to schedule your lip augmentation consultation.

Meet Our Facial Plastic Surgeons

Dr. James Chan and Dr. Haena Kim are highly respected specialists in facial plastic surgery. In addition to being double board-certified plastic surgeons, they are medical scientists, artists, and innovators at the forefront of regenerative aesthetic medicine. Their elevated surgical techniques and multi-modality treatment plans help you look and feel your best.

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What Can I Expect After a Lip Augmentation?

Recovery time will vary depending on the method chosen for your lip augmentation. If you are having surgical implants, recovery is usually one to two weeks. Your surgeon will discuss all of your recovery information—be sure to follow this carefully to avoid any complications.

The Cost of Lip Augmentation

The cost of your lip augmentation in Portland will depend on factors like the type of filler used and the work required to provide you with the results you are looking for. During your consultation, our team can let you know what the expected cost of your lip augmentation will be. Financing options are available.

Double board-certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. James Chan and Dr. Haena Kim

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At Réviance Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the personalized aesthetic care they need. If you are looking for a nonsurgical way to enhance the beauty of your lips, contact our office today by phone at (503) 953-1230 or request a consultation online for your lip augmentation in Portland.