One of the things I hear every day as a rhinoplasty surgeon in Portland is “I’ve always hated my nose, but I’ve been too scared to do something about it.”  I wanted to take a moment to tell you-you are not alone.  Not alone in wanting to change your nose, and not alone in being scared.  You have probably been worried about the recovery time and if you’ll like the results.  These fears are completely natural.

First, let’s discuss the results that you’ll see from your rhinoplasty procedure.  Immediately following the procedure, the nose will need several weeks before it takes its final shape.  Your nose will undergo significant changes in the first two to twelve weeks following rhinoplasty.  As the swelling gradually dissipates, the newly refined appearance of the nose will become more visible.   Usually, after 1-2 weeks, the majority of the bruising and swelling have gone down and the casual observer won’t notice at first glance that your nose has been operated on.  To you, your nose may look a little puffy for several months.  The swelling can take a number of months to fully dissipate, but should become less and less noticeable over time.

Knowing that there are options for improving the shape of your nose and the ability to breathe better is incredibly empowering.  Portland rhinoplasty success stories are heard every day, and we are proud that many of them come from the Portland Reviance Portland®® Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center.  Our Portland patients help their recovery along by avoiding smoking and sun exposure after the procedure.  At the Portland Reviance Portland®® Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center, we are excited to help you stop saying “I hate my nose,” and add you to the thrilled and relieved patients who say “I can’t believe I waited so long to do something about it!”