It’s an interesting question.  Let’s start first with the popularity of plastic surgery among the Asian community.  If I were to ask you, where are the most plastic surgery procedures performed per capita, what would you guess?  The United States?  Brazil?  Would you be surprised if I told you it was South Korea?  In South Korea, it is estimated that 1 in 5 women have plastic surgery of some sort.  Men also account for an estimated 30% of all plastic surgery procedures performed in South Korea.  With plastic surgery growing in popularity among the Asian culture, there is no doubt that advanced procedures and techniques are required to adjust to different anatomical features.

At Reviance Portland®® Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, we understand that different ethnicities have different anatomical traits, and that patient’s want to look natural.  That is why we have designed advanced techniques and treatments to achieve excellent results, while still maintaining a patient’s inherent ethnic identity and appearance.  At my Portland, Oregon practice, we specialize in Asian Plastic Surgery, performing Asian Facelifts, Asian Eyelid Surgery and Asian Rhinoplasty.

While many plastic surgery procedures deal with the aesthetic appearance of the face, Asian Eyelid Surgery can also help to improve vision.  Nearly half of the Asian population has a fold above the eyelashes.  In extreme cases, this fold can actually impair vision and function.  Asian Eyelid Surgery can help achieve a “double-eyelid” appearance as well as improve vision in these cases.

Whether it is patients who want to have “double-eyelids”, or patients who want a more refined nose or neckline, Reviance Portland®® Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center in Portland, Oregon can help.  Most importantly, Reviance Portland®® Portland understands that preserving ethnic identity is important when performing Asian Plastic Surgery and should never be overlooked.

Contact Reviance Portland®® Portland today to see if Asian Plastic Surgery may be right for you.  Using only advanced and minimally invasive techniques, Reviance Portland®® has the experience and skill to deliver quality results.