Aging in Reverse – Portland, OR

I too have had procedures by Dr Chan and they have turned out beautifully! I have been nothing but pleased with the results. Part of these procedures included injectable’s and I have no lumps, but perfectly smoothed out skin. In fact, within the last 60 days I have been told that I appear to be aging in reverse – by people that have no idea that I went to see a plastic surgeon. (that is a HUGE compliment!) I was deeply concerned about marionatte lines around my mouth, that were pretty intense. The procedures that Dr. Chan recommended (and carried out) have all but erased the lines completely. Dr. Chan and his assistants have been incredibly friendly, curtious and helpful. I am still a very willing participant in any new refreshing facial treatment that they may have to offer and would recommend Dr. Chan to anybody interested in improving their facial appearance. Kudos to Yvonne and Kayla as well! Thanks for the wonderful service and the new, younger me!