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Plastic Surgery Testimonials

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5 Star Rating based on 20 reviews
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“Dr. Chan was voted Top Doctor in Portland, OR”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on March 1, 2017

Skin Rejuvenation

I can see why Dr. Chan was voted Top Doctor in Portland, OR. He is Wonderful! I can’t say enough good things about Dr Chan and his staff. I had a face lift and CO2 laser treatment, also Botox, Juvederm and other fillers. Every procedure was handled professionally and fully explained. Dr. Chan was very thorough and easy to talk to. He and his staff were all personable, caring and kind. I think everyone there did a great job. Permanent patient, loved everyone there.


“I have been nothing but pleased with the results”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 15, 2017

Aging in Reverse – Portland, OR

I too have had procedures by Dr Chan and they have turned out beautifully! I have been nothing but pleased with the results. Part of these procedures included injectable’s and I have no lumps, but perfectly smoothed out skin. In fact, within the last 60 days I have been told that I appear to be aging in reverse – by people that have no idea that I went to see a plastic surgeon. (that is a HUGE compliment!) I was deeply concerned about marionatte lines around my mouth, that were pretty intense. The procedures that Dr. Chan recommended (and carried out) have all but erased the lines completely. Dr. Chan and his assistants have been incredibly friendly, curtious and helpful. I am still a very willing participant in any new refreshing facial treatment that they may have to offer and would recommend Dr. Chan to anybody interested in improving their facial appearance. Kudos to Yvonne and Kayla as well! Thanks for the wonderful service and the new, younger me!


“Dr Chan is highly skilled”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 1, 2017

Eyelid Surgery -Portland, OR

I had two treatments at Reviance Portland®. Both occurred on the same day, lower eye lid surgery and a filler injection. Before electing to allow Dr. Chan to operate on my face, I interviewed four other surgeons. I choose Dr Chan because he was the most informative surgeon I had the pleasure of meeting, his staff was warm, friendly and professional plus I never felt rushed with my (many) questions. From the very beginning to my end results, I was totally impressed with the concern and attention given to me by Reviance Portland®. The office manager/care coordinator was extremely attentive, she made me feel very important and well cared for. The office staff always smiles and warmly welcomes you in the waiting room. Dr Chan is highly skilled and an excellent surgeon. Although Reviance Portland® is not on the lower end of the price scale, nor close to my home, I am very glad I choose to book with Dr. Chan. I would highly recommend Dr Chan and the team at Reviance Portland® for any one considering plastic elective surgery. I can not speak highly enough of my experience. Marcus D (aka Tyler) Beaverton


“Great surgeon”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 29, 2017

Best Upper Eyelid Surgery Possible! – Portland, OR

Asian Eyelid Surgery
Great surgeon, very kind and compassionate. Does excellent work.


“Dr. Chan rocks!!!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 14, 2017

Dr. Chan is the Man! – Happy Valley, OR

Dr. Chan rocks!!! If you want results, seek him out…He is a true credit to his profession!
Revision Rhinoplasty


“Miraculously found Dr Chan”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on January 3, 2017

See It for Yourself! -Portland, OR

Lip Implants

Did my research and miraculously found Dr Chan, a double-board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, who worked with PermaLip (lip implants) As with any surgical procedure (even worse, in your face) I was on the fence. Until I had the pleasure to talk to Ivonne, who is the business manager of Reviance Portland® (Dr Chan s clinic) and after a 45 min phone conversation I went ahead and schedule my consultation. Rest is history. So happy about the results!!!


” I would highly recommend him”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 27, 2016

Vigorous in Vancouver – Portland, OR


I chose Dr. Chan because I saw him on Fox 12, a Portland TV station, and liked his manner and the fact that he is a double-board certified plastic surgeon. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family and would also go back for his services in the future.


“Yes, I am extremely happy with the results”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 13, 2016

It is with the Highest Regard That I Recommend Dr. Chan – Portland, OR

I originally saw Dr. Chan for consultation regarding reconstructive surgery after removal of a facial basil cell cancer. Dr. Chan is noted in his field for being an extremely knowledgeable and skilled surgeon and came highly recommended by a local ENT Physician. Dr. Chan’s sensitivity to my concerns and goals enabled me to speak with him candidly and without embarrassment. Dr. Chan explained options thoroughly and displayed much patience in answering my questions and concerns. I opted for the facelift procedure. He clearly described what results I could reasonably expect. After visiting at length with Dr. Chan I felt confident that he was the right choice for my surgeon. I considered his education and training (Double Board Certified), experience, skill, dedication and passion for his work. I knew also that he is actively involvement in research dedicated to developing bio engineered tissue for use in plastic and reconstructive surgery..impressive! One thing really stood out for me – it was his sincere and caring nature. Choosing Dr. Chan resulted in my obtaining excellent results and the highest quality of care during my procedure and follow up. Yes, I am extremely happy with the results of my facelift procedure and that I chose Dr. Chan as my Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. I believe you will be also!


“Definitely deserves a five star!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on December 2, 2016

Best Surgeon and Friendliest Staff – Portland, OR

Doctor James chan definitely deserves a five star! He is always direct and punctual and effective. I cant say enough great things about Dr. Chan. He is excellent at what he does. His staff are friendly and they all make you feel comfortably and would recommend his staff and his services without hesitation, to anyone and everyone. Hands down, Dr.James Chan is the best surgeon I’ve ever encountered and I’ve had procedures done elsewhere but now that I know dr.chan exists, I will continue always going to him. I just want to thank you dr. Chan and staff for making me feel beautiful again!


“I am forever grateful to Dr. Chan”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 24, 2016

Very Happy I Did It! – Portland, OR

I was recommended by several friends who have seen Dr. Chan previously. I am forever grateful to Dr. Chan and his staff. The process was easy, and he is the kindest, most compassionate and caring doctor.


“The result is everything I was hoping for”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on November 10, 2016

I’m Glad I Did It! – Portland, OR

I was recommended by another doctor because Dr. Chan is a facial specialist. I had a facelit with Dr. Chan 3 years ago. I was nervous, and unsure if I was doing the right thing. After I met Dr. Chan, I just had a great feeling about it. He explained the procedure, and what to expect afterwards. And the result is everything I was hoping for. I feel I now look as young as I feel! Thanks Dr. Chan!


“Dr. Chan was nothing short of a miracle worker”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 28, 2016

I always wondered how you would know who was the right/best plastic surgeon for you. I felt Dr. Chan was right, the best almost immediately. I now know what a great plastic surgeon is. Dr. Chan was nothing short of a miracle worker. I had revision surgery that now one else would do. The results are spectacular. I look and feel great! I highly recommend Dr. Chan.


“I’m very happy/satisfied”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on October 7, 2016

In a youth oriented culture – looking younger is important – especially work related. I feel young at heart and want to look that way too. Recovery was more difficult than expected during the first week due to being sensitive to medications. However the results are worth it. I’m very happy/satisfied and would do it again.


“Dr. Chan is wonderful”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on September 26, 2016

Having the procedure was so much better than I thought it would be. The experience has given my more confidence. Dr. Chan is wonderful and I trust him and feel blessed i found him. Yvonne and office staff are the kindest and most friendly people.


“A treasured moment for me”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on September 13, 2016

A treasured moment for me occurred 1 mos. post surgery. I was at lunch with my 21 year old granddaughter when a young lady seated at the table next to us interrupted saying “excuse me, did I just hear her call you grandma.” I indicated she was correct and she said “Cause you don’t look like any grandma” How sweet that felt – you still can’t slap the smile off my face!


“Very good experience”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on August 28, 2016

Very good experience. Professional staff everything that was explained regarding procedure and recovery was accurate and true. Would recommend Cr. Chan and will continue to follow up with treatments as needed. Would do it all over again!


“I chose Dr. Chan”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on August 5, 2016

I chose Dr. Chan because of his experience and his background in facial reconstruction.


“He fixed the rosacia!”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on July 30, 2016

I have been to a number of Dr.s, Med Spas and facial aestethicians who haven’t been able to address the redness and broken vessels on my checks and nose. Dr. Chan know what lasers would work with my skin and he fixed the rosacia! Yay!


“Dr. Chan is a wonderful surgeon”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on July 16, 2016

Dr. Chan is a wonderful surgeon. I am so pleased! The entire office is great – very professional.


“Dr. Chan’s minimally invasive surgery on my lower face”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on July 1, 2016

I felt and looked much older than the 69 years I was. Being overweight and on meds that made me lethargic and craving sweets didn’t help either. At 197 lbs, I felt ugly. Dr. Chan’s minimally invasive surgery on my lower face and neck was the first step in my reclaiming my life. I began a self-directed wellness program the next day involving nutrition, exercise, flexibility and strength. I have lost 27 lbs and have gone from a size 2X to a 12-14.


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