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Fat Grafting Portland

What is fat grafting?

Fat Grafting vs Harvesting

Fat grafting or autologous fat transfer is not a new concept in medicine. It has been continuously performed for various needs for well over a century. Only in recent years it has become highly popular for aesthetic procedures as well. Through advanced harvesting techniques and refining of mature adypocyte tissue, or fat cells, doctors can successfully transfer fat from one part of the patient’s body to another.

The fat can be transplanted in various areas of the face, to increase volume, fill up deep wrinkles and give lips a more youthful appearance.  The benefit of fat transfer is that it can be more economical than dermal filler and has a beautiful smooth, natural appearance. Since filling up is the main benefit of this treatment, we call it BeautiFill.

How does fat grafting work?

Fat Grafting vs Harvesting

The most important step is retrieving fat that has a high vitality rate. It is important to understand that standard liposuction technologies — mostly mechanical devices — retrieve a mixture of blood, serum, oil (liquid fat), along the pure, injection quality fat.

When using older and less advanced liposuction methods, correct refinement procedures must be used in the process in order to improve the survival of the autologous fat tissue post-injection.

We use a specially designed canister that already filters the the blood and other substances out during liposuction so the fat is immediately ready for transfer. Hence, our technology eliminates the need to refine the fat, yields a higher percentage of pure fat and speeds up the procedure considerably for both patient and physician.

What treatments use autologous fat grafting?

Fat Grafting vs Harvesting

Fat grafting can replace many procedures that use synthetic substances with a more natural approach. Using one’s own excess fat, it can be used as face filler to smooth out wrinkles, enhance volume and contour features. This is a great alternative for plastic surgeons to use when a high volume of filler is needed for full face correction.

When it comes to replacing volume in the face, using fat transfer is becoming standard for facial rejuvenation . Through simple injection techniques it allows plastic surgeons to precisely contour the shape of the face. This allows patients that seek aesthetic enhancement to achieve a more natural appearance.

  • Can replace use of synthetic fillers, implants etc with patient’s own natural fat
  • Higher rates of fat vitality obtained than with other devices – for improved results
  • Utilizes laser liposuction which is safer and more gentle for patient
  • A streamlined and expedited treatment process for both patient and physician

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